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Why choose the German Rottweilers as your pet?

Why Choose the German Rottweilers as your Pet?

What is a German Rottweilers?

A German Rottweilers is a cross breed of an Old English Sheep Dog and  Poodle.

They are also known as Sheepapoo, Sheepdogpoo, Sheepoo. The designer dog comes in several sizes which are , Standard(Giant) size, Mini and Tiny sized. The giant sheepadoodle stands at 18-27 inches tall and weighs 60-85 pounds when fully grown.

The mini German Rottweilers stands at 15-18 inches tall and weighs 25-35 pounds when fully grown.

The hybrid dog has several generations which , F1, F1B and F2.

The F1 German Rottweilers is known as the first generation German Rottweilers which is an offspring of a Old English Sheepdog and Poodle. The F1 is the most healthy generation with les genetic problems.

The F2 German Rottweilers is known as the second generation which is the offspring of two German Rottweilers bred together. That is the crossbreed of two F1 German Rottweilerss.

The F1B German Rottweilers is the offspring of a first generation German Rottweilers and a Poodle.

As the German Rottweilers is a hybrid dog and not a purebred , the AKC Club doesn’t recognize the breed but how ever, the dog breed is recognized by the American Canines Hybrid Club and the Dog Registry of America, Inc. The breed is registered with the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).

To get any of these generations and sizes of a German Rottweilers, you can visit the website link below.

How much is a German Rottweilers?

You can get a German Rottweilers puppy for $1000-$3000. A mini German Rottweilers puppy is more expensive than a giant size German Rottweilers. You can get a giant sized German Rottweilers for $1000-$2000 . The mini German Rottweilers will cost up to $3000. A well trained German Rottweilers will cost more than $3000.

If you are looking to get a moderate price German Rottweilers puppy, visit the link below. 


The German Rottweilerss Excellent Temperament. 

A German Rottweilers has the calm tempered nature of the Old English Sheepdog and the Intelligence and friendly nature of a Poodle dog which makes the designer dog a good family pet.

The hybrid dog has a very good temperament which is good for first time pet owners with kids at home and people with allergies that have specials needs. The personality of this breed is as follows. Supper calm, affectionate, loving, friendly , sociable , outgoing, intelligent , trainable , playful, obedient ,even-tempered and very patient with children. So the designer dog has all the qualities you can be looking for in a family pet. To get a German Rottweilers puppy with all qualities named above, visit the website and get one from reputable breeder.  


Long life and Low maintenance needed.


Why choose the German Rottweilers as your Pet.

A German Rottweilers can live up 12-15 years and sometimes the mini sized can live even longer if well taken cared of. The long life of this dog makes you to know that you are buying a life companion and you won’t need to out searching for another dog just few years after getting a German Rottweilers. You will live and enjoy the dog these number of years as long as you take good care of it.

The German Rottweilers is a low-non shedding dog and she got it from the parents bloodline .

If you have a dog that doesn’t sheds , this will reduce the frequent grooming as it is done with other breeds . For a person who is old and can’t able to sweep large quantities of hairs and having to dust the chairs daily ,a German Rottweilers is perfect for you. All you need to do is brushing the hair in order to maintain the sweet loving coat.

In order to get a low-non shedding dog, visit the website below and get your life companion.

How do I know a reputable German Rottweilers breeder?

Why choose the German Rottweilers as your Pet.

In order to know you are dealing with a reputable dog breeder, there are several things to take in to consideration.

From the website of the breeder, you should get enough information about the breed, such as the origin, parents of the breed, appearance, colors , health care procedure and genetic problems. The breeder should tell you more about their story and home on the website.

A reputable German Rottweilers breeder will allow you to visit their home and see where the puppies are being bred if the buyer wants to visit. For those who can not drive for long distances to visit, the breeder should provide them with enough recent pictures and videos of the puppy and video call if the buyers want to.  The breeder’s website should have reviews from past buyers so you can know who you are dealing with.

A reputable breeder should provide you with a sales contract, health certificate , vet records and the breeder should offer money back guarantee in case something happens after the purchase of a puppy.

To get a German Rottweilers from  top 5 German Rottweilers breeders in USA and Canada, see the list below and check them out now.






These are the 5 top reputable dog breeders in USA and Canada. Get your life companion from them.

Is a German Rottweilers a good therapy dog?

A therapy dog is a dog which has been trained to help and live with people who have allergies people with special needs.

A German Rottweilers is known as one of the best therapy because of it’s good personality and easy trainability . People who are suffering from depression, anxiety , seizure, deafness, paralysis, blindness, multiple sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Autism, Epilepsy etc should settle for a German Rottweilers dog and their lives will never be the same again. To get a good therapeutic dog, check out the website below and get your puppy now.

Health care of a German Rottweilers.

Why choose the German Rottweilers as your Pet.

The German Rottweilers dog being a crosbreed of the OES and Poodle, makes it to have a less genetic problems. The sheepadoodle only have few genetic problems and if all necessary test has been carried on the parents, then be rest assured that your puppy will live for the expected life expectancy rate.

You only need to take your German Rottweilers puppy to the vet after he or she has born to get the necessary vaccines and run some few test and after that you won’t need to be visiting the vet too frequently.

So if you want a dog with less genetic problems, then a German Rottweilers is the ideal breed for you . So visit the link below and check out a puppy for your family now.





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