Yes. All of our dogs are highly socialized, to be calm and friendly in company of kids, and other animals. But we recommend that you should never leave your kid unsupervised.

Yes, most of our pas customers got their German Rottweilers certified as a therapy dog within 6 months.
The Standard sheepadoodles perform better.

Many people believe that female dogs make better pets as opposed to males. Keep in mind that in the dog pack makeup, females usually rule the roost and determine the pecking order. The females, as a result, are more independent, stubborn, and territorial than their male counterparts. Most fights will usually break out between 2 females. Males on the other hand can be more affectionate, attentive, and even demanding of attention. Despite this information being true in most cases, the nature of our German Rottweilerss, that we breed and raise is the perfect combination for anyone! They are all very attached to their people/family. They also tend to be more steadfast, reliable, and constant companions. But both males and females can be outgoing, accepting of other pets when properly introduced, and are quick to take to children. Most boys are easily motivated by food and praise and are very eager to please. However, males can be more easily distracted during training because they like to play. No mater what age he is more likely to act silly and be more puppy like than the female. Boys are fun loving until the day they die. Girls tend to be more reserved or dignified as they age.

Males do tend to get a little larger than females. Neutered males rarely exhibit the behavior of marking or humping. Once the testosterone level recedes, after neutering, most of these behaviors will disappear. Males who are neutered early (by 5 months of age) usually don’t ever raise their leg to urinate.

Females will usually come to you for attention but when she has had enough she will move away. Males are always waiting for your attention and are near at hand.

Before deciding on male or female give careful thought to other animals and people in your home. A female usually only bonds with one person (generally the main caregiver) and a male tends to bond with the whole family. If you already have a dog in your family it is usually best to purchase a puppy of the opposite sex, for a second dog. Having said that, two neutered males will generally get along well with each other. Two spayed females can be “iffy”!

We do our best to ensure that all our dogs receive excellent care! We would like to limit outside traffic to our kennel as much as we can to help minimise the potential of someone unintentionally tracking in diseases (like parvo, giardia, etc). We welcome only those seriously interested in a puppy, or those that have already placed a deposit on one to visit our kennel and see your future puppy’s parents.

Our Giant German Rottweilers Puppies cost $1000 USD, our mini German Rottweilers Puppies cost $1075 USD. Mini German Rottweilerss require more attention and care in the breeding and raising process.

Yes, you can place a deposit of $400-$500 on a puppy and we will reserve the puppy for you until you are ready to welcome your puppy. 

They come with all necessary documents
1 yr Health Guarantee
Rabies Waiver
Recent Health Records from Veterinarian ( include Vaccination, Worming Records )
Sales Contract.

Yes, One Year Health & Genetic Guarantee

We will provide a money back guarantee within 72 hours of possession, if you are not satisfied with your puppy, providing he/she is returned to our home at the expense of the buyer.
We make every effort to ensure that you purchase a healthy puppy. If your puppy is found to have major genetic health issues that are diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian within one year of purchase, we will exchange your puppy for one of equal value. There are however no guarantees against common illnesses or accidents on your part.
We encourage you to take your dog to the veterinarian; but any and all costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Yes , We ship our puppies safely all over the USA, and Sometimes to Canada.

We partner with professional Animal Freight specialized Companies. They take responsible measures to make sure the puppies doo not get stressed. They do not fly for more than 5 hours straight. They even offer options to travel with your pet if it is needed or Required. Contact Us for more details on shipping.